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Welcome to the Indie Giveaway! Eleven talented indie authors (or ten and me) have banded together to offer you the chance of two great prizes. The first haul is 11 ebooks. The second is three signed paperbacks and a $20 Amazon gift voucher. Fantastic prizes? I think so! The giveaway is open from midnight GMT on the 25th February until 11:59pm GMT on the 11th March and there’s loads of ways to gain entries.

First, check out the authors and their books below:

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Sky Song, by Sharon Sant: An unknown past. An unwanted destiny. A fight for survival.




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Dominant Race, by Elisa Nuckle: Lilia, a genetically altered human called a modified, and her allies must choose: help a tyrannical government in the business of killing their kind, or defend someone in the business of killing everyone else?



EA ThumbnailEarth Angel, by Ruth Ellen Parlour: Earth Angels of Eardecia, fighting against their chosen destiny, discover a secret the God’s never told and use it against their sworn enemy.





GraveyardShiftCover4HopGraveyard Shift, by Angela Roquet: Lana Harvey is a reaper, and a lousy one at that, but when Grim promotes her to a high risk assignment, all hell breaks loose…





Blood Roses FULL cover_Rev B_300dpi (198x300)Blood Roses, by Jason Graves: Madeline and Marissa Owen are identical twins who, with their paper-white skin, look a lot like vampires… well, sometimes, looks can be not at all deceiving.





scironsmallSciron, by David Rashleigh: History, mystery, ghosts and a touch of romance in a Lancashire town.





STORM DANCER cover reduced 300 pixelsStorm Dancer, by Rayne Hall: Dahoud saves to fight the woman he loves from the evil inside him.





thepriest_200pxThe Priest, by Monica La Porta: Love doesn’t look at skin color/social status/gender. Society can’t restrain our hearts.





tvf200The Violet Fox, by Clare Marshall: The Violet Fox is Cinderella meets Robin Hood with a dash of The Little Mermaid.





Torched_300Torched, by Andrea Lynn Colt: When cheerleader Rose Whitfield is framed for arson, she sets out to clear her name and take prime suspect Paxton down hard–not necessarily in that order.





TrinityTrinity, by Clare Davidson: Three unlikely companions set out to do the impossible–restore a trinity of gods, which was destroyed a thousand years earlier.





For a chance to win this haul of brilliant books, simply fill in the details below and you’ll be entered into the draw.  Don’t worry, your details will never be used for anything but this.

ebook giveaway
paperback giveaway

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