Rayne Hall talks about Storm Dancer

I’m pleased to welcome fellow author, Rayne Hall, on to the blog today to tease her novel, Storm Dancer.  This book has had great reviews on Amazon and the artwork is gorgeous.   It’s one of a fabulous list of books that you can win in the Indie Giveaway (see below for the link).

Over to Rayne…


Dahoud face vertical cropped Paul-Erica

Dahoud is a warrior, brave, honourable and kind. He loves horses, wrestling, music and dance, and he seeks a strong woman to cherish and respect for the rest of his life.

But he harbours a dark secret: demonic possession.

The djinn inside him urges Dahoud to hurt women and to subdue them with force.

Dahoud fights these evil desires with all his strength. But he has succumbed to them before, and it is only a matter of time before the djinn strikes again.

What woman is strong enough to partner Dahoud and face the danger of the djinn?

Storm Dancer is a dark-epic fantasy novel.  It deals with dark issues and may not be suitable for young readers.


Dahoud. Art by Paul Davies and Erica Syverson, copyright Rayne Hall             STORM DANCER cover reduced 300 pixels

You can follow on Twitter @RayneHall or check out the Goodreads page

If you’d like to purchase from the Amazon store, click here…

Find Rayne and other awesome indies in the great indie giveaway here…





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