Cute guys reading… You’re welcome!

After a mental week or so being crazy busy with the release of Runners, I don’t mind admitting that my brain is slightly fried.  Then  I looked at my poor neglected blog and thought that I probably need to post something.  As my brain is ever so slightly less functional than it was last week, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to say today.  Then I was perusing Pinterest (if I have a job that needs doing, I find avoidance a great tactic) and I came across a photo of the divine James McAvoy reading Narnia with the tagline ‘Hot Guys Reading Books’.   Anyone who knows me knows I needed no further invitation, I was straight in there with possibly the least politically correct post that has hit the net this year.  So here it is.  It’s not big and it’s not clever, the photos are a bit wonky on here, but I didn’t half have a lovely time researching it! Don’t panic, normal service will be resumed at some point this week…

Yes, he's crying a bit.  Hearts, you have permission to melt.ew readingrp readingNot strictly a book but who's counting, it's David Tennant, for God's sake.dr readignuntitledcm reading

E is for Elijah

That’s Elijah Thackeray. Hero (of sorts, some might say anti-hero) of my upcoming novel Runners. Awww, come on, you didn’t think I was going to go through all this A-Z challenge without squeezing in one or two posts about my own books, did you?

This is a little known fact (and one I’ll probably regret divulging) but the muse for the character of Elijah is actually his Hollywood namesake, Elijah Wood. I wrote Runners in 2007 and at the time was in the throes of a Lord of the Rings obsession. Before you run off screaming ‘fan fiction’, just wait! I say muse, not reproduction. I liked the way he looked, the name seemed perfect for my character and it was easy to visualise him when writing him. This makes me a thieving, tricksy little hobbit, right? But I’m fairly certain that the Hollywood Elijah is nowhere near as big a pain in the ass as my Elijah is! Elijah Thackeray is someone you find yourself wanting to slap at the start of Runners. Probably for a good way through the book too. Will he grow into the kind of person who saves the world? Maybe. right-time-elijah-wood

I told my friend and editor all this, and now she says she can’t read it without seeing a teen Elijah Wood in her head. I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing. But I don’t mind if you’d want to indulge in a little Elijah love. He is rather awesome. Here, knock yourself out!