what’s in my earholes 18th October

It’s Friday!!!!! And we all know what Friday means…

Today it’s the turn of a band that I adore. I’ve seen some amazing gigs – Radiohead (twice), Oasis (at a local pub on the day their first single came out) REM, Blur, Pulp to name a few – but The Hoosiers came to a tiny venue in my town and blew the roof off that place. From that moment on I was in love with them! They even came down to the merch stand after the show and signed stuff for people, and I got a kiss from a lovely sweaty Irwin… sigh. I love their videos too – there’s so much humour in them that sums up their spirit perfectly….


What’s in my earholes, 4th Oct 2013

YAY! It’s Friday and it’s time for What’s in my earholes!  I have a warning today – if you don’t like loud guitars you’d better turn off right now, because today I’m posting my favourite Supergrass song.  Oh my, I had such an enormous crush on the singer of this band. I may have played a particular Top of the Pops performance quite a lot of times, just for the look he gave the camera at the end of it. What’s that I hear you say… you can’t believe that I’m the sort of girl to develop crushes on famous people? I know, weird, huh?

So, enjoy… ya know, if you like that sort of thing… If not, come back next week and who knows, we could have some random seventies disco track playing!

What’s in my earholes? Special book edition

This week I’ve been gearing up for the release of The Memory Game on September 1st. ARCs have gone out and the positive feedback so far has been overwhelming.  With this in mind, and as I’m not at the day job this week, and because What’s in my Earholes has been missing anyway, I thought I’d share a song that actually features in the book.  David, our protagonist (I like to think of him as anti-hero) is a massive Radiohead fan and this is the song that is played at his funeral (don’t worry that’s not a spoiler, he starts off dead!). Anyway, enough of my waffling, here it is…


what’s in my earholes? July 5th 2013

How quickly Friday comes around and time to find out what was playing on my ipod as I walked up the driveway this evening. I’m afraid I couldn’t find a video as such for this song, only a live version, but the point of this song is to listen to the absolutely beautiful lyrics. Pure poetry. Take it away, Ben, you little genius, you…

What’s in my earholes? June 28th 2013

A bit late I know. Who knew that I’d totally forget I’d arranged for my cousin to visit? The poor guy turned up especially to pick up a copy of Runners for his girlfriend and I’m slobbing out on the sofa in my pyjamas at 6.30! Ah well, here it is, the last song that was on the ipod when I got in from work tonight. Rupert Grint – you just got to love him, even as a crazy stalker.