What’s in my earholes 7th June 2013

Already I’ve fallen off the wagon!  I was supposed to share something from my ipod with you, but when I got home today my daughter showed me this video she’d found on Youtube and it fair made my poor little geek heart bleed rainbows.. or something.  So I just had to share it.  It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, granted, but I love it.

You can check out the original version of the song by Walk the Moon here too, equally as cool!

Enjoy and happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “What’s in my earholes 7th June 2013

  1. Instantly likeable and upbeat – especially considering the news about the house. And it reminds me, where’s that light sabre when I need it? I liked the second a touch more. Cheered me up. x

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