Clare Davidson, author of Trinity, gives us a peek into the world of Kiana

Today Clare Davidson, author of Trinity, another great book up for grabs in the great indie author giveaway, guests on my site with something a little bit different.

Kiana: The Girl Longing for Freedom

Yesterday was a hard day. Sometimes, especially in summer, my apartments can feel so small. I couldn’t concentrate on my lessons which annoyed Ducarius. Before he stormed out, he suggested that I remember everything that’s wonderful about my life and why it is I’m stuck here, in Blackoak Tower. Although he might not have phrased it quite like that.So… why am I here? I’m the incarnation of Miale. The soul of a god is stuck in my body. If… when I die, Gettryne will be plunged into the time of Thanatos. People will go insane and hurt themselves and their loved ones. When Miale is reborn, it will end. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to wake up one day and realise you’ve done something so terrible it’s ripped your family apart. I know my Guardians have all experienced a time of Thanatos. They don’t talk about it, but most of them carry around the weight of sadness.

I’m here so they can protect me and make sure I live as long as possible. But I am surrounded by wonderful people–even Ducarius! Where do I start?

kianaWith Marcas, who else? I’ve known Marcas longer than anyone. When I was a girl he would spend hours playing with me. Hide and seek was our favourite game. You wouldn’t believe how many places there are to hide in only three rooms. One game could last for hours, especially if Erynn joined in as well.

He used to carry me around on his shoulders, while he galloped around like a horse. Once, I managed to catch a glimpse of the forest outside the tower. I reached my hand out and, even though the leaves were so far away, I imagined I could touch them and feel their texture between my fingertips–soft, like velvet. It was only a brief glimpse.

Then there’s Erynn, my handmaid. She arrived at the tower when I was six summers old. We’re friends, but she’s always a little wary around me, like she can’t get over how important I am. Marcas often jokes that Erynn and I could be sisters, we look so similar. Surely my sister would be able to see me for who I am, rather than shy away from the god within me?

Ducarius is my long suffering tutor. I think he spends more time telling me to stop daydreaming and drawing, rather than actually teaching me. That’s not true. I’ve learnt a lot from him: how to read and write; the history of Gettryne; knowledge of the gods and the banners of each of the twelve ruling lords.

He’s shown me drawings and paintings of a world I’ll never see: waterfalls, rivers, lakes, fields, mountains, animals, cities, villages and towns… even the sea. And sometimes, when he’s in a really good mood, he even encourages me to draw the things I dream of.

I shouldn’t complain, but some days I forget that everyone around me only wants what’s best for me. Some days, all I want is to be like everyone else–free. Trinity

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