H is for Hybrid

I was recently made aware of the term ‘hybrid author’.  I’d never come across this description before, but after reading this article, I realised that it actually referred to people like me.  As someone who has self-published and is also awaiting publication of my first traditionally published book, I had always considered that the way I work, in terms of publishing, was a bit clumsy and indecisive.  I was slightly afraid that the self-publishing I do may endanger any chances I have in the future of getting further traditional deals.

This article gives everything a fresh perspective.  It seems that self-publishing has well and truly moved from out of the shadows.  Where it used to be considered a last resort, it’s now a valid career choice.  It’s like having your Toblerone and eating it.  If this way of working is being understood and accepted within the industry as a whole, it seems the second wave of the publishing revolution is about to begin.  What an exciting prospect!

5 thoughts on “H is for Hybrid

  1. It is truly exciting. I’ve never heard that term before either… but it makes sense. I’m glad that self-publishing has moved out of the shadows… I work with my family so we sort of corporately self-publish… but after having my parents as editors, my sis-in law as my cover artist, and my brothers as my marketing/web-design/publicity team… I think it would make me very sad to move to a more “traditional” publishing house and lose all of that.

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