G is for Gratitude

I had a lovely post drafted for G. With photos of cake and everything. But life had other ideas and as I sit here with nothing but a temperamental phone, surrounded by 5 kids on a last minute emergency babysitting mission, I realise that I can’t actually get at that post to publish it. It’s likely to be a long day before I get to that post…

So I’m trying to remember everything I said in the right order. Here goes…

G is for gratitude. To everyone who has ever helped me on the writing journey. To those who have bought my books, taken the time to beta read or review or simply read for fun and sent me a kind word. To those who helped me with advice or encouragement. To those who picked me up when I was down. To those who took the time to chat and listen, either in life or online. To those who reminded me that a thing called real life actually still exists. To those who took chances on me. To those who gave me the opportunities to prove my worth. To those who were simply beautiful and inspiring. You all know who you are.

Thank you. Batman says thank you too!


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