Sky Song Trilogy

A fab post by an actual YA reader about my YA books!

The Great World of Geek!

At the moment I am reading the Sky Song Trilogy by Sharon Sant and I though it would be interesting to show how I saw some of the characters for example, this is how I see Jacob LightFoot:

I know this is Dougie out of McFly but that is how I see Jacob. I tend to make random connections when I hear a description of a certain character for example Luca reminds me of Tom out of Wizards vs Aliens:




Well Ellen is a completely different story as I see her as one of the little girls that are on some of Gorjuss products.






Now Alex is introduced in the 2nd book, the young moon. Alex took a while to be associated with a person that I know off but in the end my brain decided that she was going to look like Abby…

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