Guest post: Being dead isn’t always the end…

L.M. Milford

Last week saw the launch of Sharon Sant’s new young adult novel ‘The Memory Game’. The book tells the tale of 15-year-old David who is still hanging around three weeks after his death, without knowing why. The only person who is aware of him is Bethany, the girl he bullied at school. Sharon is one of the lovely writers I’ve met through Twitter, and she’s here to talk about the difficulties of a protagonist who is already dead.

At the time of writing The Memory Game, it never occurred to me just what I was doing by making my protagonist a dead boy.  The story came to me and I wrote it down without question. It wasn’t until I read a wonderful and insightful review of the book by fellow writer, Jack Croxall, that it hit me.

In his review, Jack comments on the fact that the main character’s…

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