Knowing when to stop…

You may be heaving a silent sigh of relief that my blog has been quiet this week.  You could say I’m on location!  I’m on holiday with lots and lots of family members and there isn’t much time alone for blogging.  The fact is, I had promised myself that I wouldn’t blog or write anything this week.  Since the end of last year, I’ve worked every spare minute trying to make some sort of impact on the world of publishing, not to mention new books that I’m desperate to write.  But I know that time away from all that is good for the soul, or so everyone keeps telling me, so I decided that time away from it is exactly what I would get.  blackpool sands

Except I just can’t do it.  The laptop came with me ‘just in case’.  Internet is sporadic at best here but I’ve wrangled and fiddled to get it working in a fashion, ‘just in case’.  Yesterday I went to the most beautiful beach, Blackpool Sands in Devon. It was gorgeous, however, everywhere I looked I saw not scenery but stories. It’s just no good, this bug has me gripped.

I decided today that all I can do is give in and write where I have a quiet spare minute.  I realised that there really is no need to feel like I’m a workaholic who can’t stop, because writing doesn’t feel like work to me.  It’s what I do.  If I never sold another book again I’d still do it.  Where others go off and play tennis, I get as much fun out of telling a story.  I may be less able to find the time this week to do as much as I normally would, but I’m not going to feel guilty about wanting to sneak the odd 500 words in here and there.  The hours I spend every week at the laptop may be long, and at times and I may get frustrated, but it’s only in the same way that my daughter will sit for hours trying to complete a level on Temple Run.

So, I’m off to tap out a thousand words on a very close to being finished WIP before I hit the cider and one epic game of Trivial Pursuits begins.

3 thoughts on “Knowing when to stop…

  1. Hi Sharon, great post. I ended up writing on holiday in Valencia last year on the beach. It was great. I agree with you about it being for the love of writing. I don’t know how I’d fill my time without writing. Keep up the good work! And enjoy the Trivial Pursuit!

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