Sky Song by Sharon Sant, Book Review

A review by Dan Thompson

Destined to take the reader to a new world far away, Sky Song is a fast-moving new urban fantasy novel from UK author, Sharon Sant. It is the first novel in The Sky Song trilogy, which follows the unique life of Jacob and his close friends, when expectantly a voice in Jacob’s head introduces him to a new way of life indeed. And why does this voice keep on calling him Ioh? Truth be told, Sky Song is a brilliantly structured book and gives a promising start to what is bound to be an engaging trilogy.

Jacob Lightfoot has always known he was adopted, but with two loving parents and great friends, he’s never pondered his origins. That is until a mysterious voice fills his dreams that gives light to another world entirely. Born Ioh, Jacob must sift through the suspiciously vague advice from Dae and the increasingly attractive offer…

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