A to Z blogging challenge 2013

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9Ok, so I said I wouldn’t do this because I don’t have time, etc, etc, but then fellow blogger,  Rebecca Bradley (Murder Down to a Tea) persuaded me that it was a good idea.  I may not be so fond of her once April is over!

The idea is that you post for each letter of the alphabet every day (except Sundays) during the month of April.  So watch me crumble, guys.  Point and laugh as I unravel trying to keep up with the challenge and still work on manuscripts.  But at least check out the posts first.

As you might expect, A is up April 1st.  I’m thinking Aliens or Agents.  Maybe I could write a post that proves they are one and the same?  Ok, maybe not…

Check out the challenge for yourself or sign up here.

9 thoughts on “A to Z blogging challenge 2013

  1. Haha! I can’t believe you signed up for this on the back of my email! Then when you replied about how much work you actually put in, I thought you were mad!

    Your post made me really laugh though. You have such a humorous way with words and self-depreciating, it’s funny. I hope I don’t see you unravel too much or I may have to engage in that emotion called feeling badness for pulling you into it.

    Just view it as extra work, but worth it! 🙂

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