World Book Night

Here is the list for 2013 World Book Night.  To my shame, I’ve only read one of the books on this year’s list.  I probably shouldn’t admit to that.  I wonder if you can guess which it is *cough, Treasure Island, cough*

treasure island

I have a good friend who seems to have an uncanny ability to get her favourites on the list, or maybe that should be that she predicts that her favourites will be on the list.  Joking aside, World Book Night is actually enormous fun.   In 2011 my friend voted for Beloved by Toni Morrison.  It made the list and she was sent a gorgeous haul to give away.  We spent the evening at Stafford Gatehouse theatre pouncing on unsuspecting theatregoers and confusing them with gorgeous free books. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who wouldn’t take them because they thought there must be a catch!  It was a lovely feeling, though, like being the magical book fairy, spreading beautiful literature to everyone.

Looking at this year’s list, I feel rather guilty and badly read that I’ve only managed one.  I guess my TBR list has just grown to massive proportions.  I’m thinking of hollowing it out and moving my family in.

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