F is for Friendship

Biggles couldn’t have survived the Congo without Ginger and Algy, Harry wouldn’t have defeated Voldermort without Ron and Hermione (what do you mean, spoilers?  Where have you been?) and Jacob wouldn’t have made it to Astrae without Luca and Ellen (what do you mean, you’ve never heard of the last three? Where have you been?).   The best stories have amazing friendships at the heart of them.  I could totally mention Merlin and Arthur here, but see how I resist the urge?

Nope, it’s no good, there’s a photo coming up…


Ok, so that boil’s lanced.  Pretty, though…

Why are these friendships so epic?  What makes these people risk everything for each other?  Why am I writing this post as it’s quite clearly running away from me?  It might have something to do with the fact that I really wanted to use F to swear, but, you know, it’s not allowed.  As I pondered this I asked my daughters why they thought friendship was important in stories.  My oldest suggested that there would be no interaction for the protagnoist without friends.

‘But,’ I pointed out, ‘what about his enemies?  He’d interact with them.’

‘Sure,’ my little one agreed, ‘but he/ she needs friends to help him do whatever he needs to do.’

Maybe it goes back to the bravery thing.  Who cares about a hero that’s so invincible he doesn’t need anyone else?  There’s no admission of fear or weakness, no call for help to prove his vulnerability.  That’s boring.  Every hero needs a helping hand once in a while, and he’s more interesting for it.

So F is for friendship.  My favourite thing in all the world.