Summer Lovin’: Bad boy charm

Whenever I get down about writing something that feels like it isn’t working, I just remind myself of why I do it by reading wonderful posts like this…

Anahera Reads: MOVED!


Today’s topic:

It’s good to be bad…boys that is! List those bad boys that make your heart go pitter patter. Got a picture to share so we can all drool (please)? You could do a character interview or create a bio for your favorite character. Or tell us where you would go if he were to ask you out on a date?

I don’t know if the boys on my list are sufficiently “bad” enough. I suppose they’re of varying degrees of “badness” and I have varying degrees of affection for them, ranging from “Oh yes, let us go out and have silly dates.” to “Oh you little cutie, let me hug you!” 😛 Just three for my list. I guess I’m not good at liking those bad boys. 🙂 I also tried to come up with pictures of some actors that I think would work well for these boys.

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