Off the Beaten Path – day one of the blog tour.

Earlier in the year, I was approached by Jason Graves, author of Blood Roses, to contribute to an anthology of paranormal stories he was putting together.  after much deliberation and some frantic searching, I came up with Soul Trading, a story that I had half finished some years before. I decided that this would suit the tone of the book and promptly got to work knocking it into shape.

Soul Trading: As Sasha discovers during the weirdest night out of her life, it isn’t only the Devil who makes deals for your soul…

Off the Beaten Path_front_96 dpiThe collection features six other talented writers, all offering spooky shorts guaranteed to keep your light on all night.

There’s a Goodreads giveaway going on and also a rafflcopter giveaway where you lucky people can win ecopies of the book, Amazon gifitcards and a grand prize of a bound copy of the anthology.

During the next few days I’ll be featuring the other contributing authors on my blog so you can hear more about their stories and a little about them too.

If you can’t wait that long, here’s the link for the book on Amazon 🙂

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