The Memory Game by Sharon Sant – Book Review

With thanks to Dan for this wonderful review.

This year, I’ve been rather taken by Sharon Sant. Her writing that is. The Memory Memory Game coverGame is her sixth novel this year. Yes her sixth! I absolutely loved Runners, her YA dystopian novel and her debut, Sky Song was extremely original and imaginative. When she offered me the chance to have a pre-release look at this upcoming Young Adult Paranormal story, I immediately did a little dance. I had high hopes, and what a story it turned out to be.

The Memory Game tells the story of David Cottle, as he stares upon his lifeless body after the hit-and-run he was the unfortunate victim in. Yet strangely enough, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no heavenly beam leading him upwards into heaven. Instead, he is free to roam his small village, a ghost to everyone and everything in it. Yet after his frustrated outburst in…

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