P is for Physics

I don’t understand physics really (though I do try), but the concepts and theories of it are beautiful. Take string theory, for example. A seemingly cold, scientific logic constructed this graceful aesthetic. Fractals, astrophysics and quantum theory: all gorgeous.  These ideas produce images that could grace the walls of any gallery, art as beautiful and tactile as anything created in the name of art.

I love physics for the possibilities it presents for stories. I love time travel and wormholes and teleportation. They’re not real things, of course, but the fact is that they are plausible. These things are theoretically possible, but we don’t have, and are likely never to have, the resources to make them happen.  Probably a good thing.  Can you imagine the damage I could do if I could teleport?

Mostly, I love physics because it gives me the excuse to post this video, one of my favourite Doctor Who moments. Who says I don’t have depth?

4 thoughts on “P is for Physics

  1. I love that Dr. Who moment!

    I’m not great at science, but I have always found physics to be fascinating. It was one of my favorite classes in high school. My husband is much better at it than I (he has a degree in physics) so I am relying quite a lot on him while planning out my next series, which will be firmly in the realm of sci-fi!

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