C is for Chaos

Chaos is what this A-Z challenge has become for me already.  And we’re only on C!

Secretly, though, I love chaos.  I’m never happier than when I’m up against a deadline, or a project is driving me insane because I can’t make it work or I’ve got too much to do. I thrive on nerves.  I love spontaneity and unpredictability.  Secretly, my brain is a world of chaos all the time.  It’s a miracle that anything I do ever gets finished.  I can’t help flitting from task to task like a little project butterfly.

If you’ve ever seen the video to Fireflies by Owl City, then you’ll have a pretty good idea what the inside of my brain actually looks like (forget all that hippocampus and synapse stuff that you read in biology).  And if you haven’t seen it, here it is (the video, not my brain.. although they do look the same.  Did I already say that?).

The letter C also stands for cheat.  I’ll make it up to you with a real academic post for D, honest….

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