A is for Alternate Reality – It’s day one of the A-Z challenge!

quantumScratch beneath the surface of reality and there’s some pretty weird stuff going on.  Take quantum physics, for example.  I don’t pretend to understand it fully, but I know that the microcosm seemingly flouts the laws of the macro in ways that are mind-blowing.  Yet it’s all part of the reality that we think we know.   I love that idea – that in an apparently ordinary setting, extraordinary stuff can be happening.   I love the juxtaposition of domestic and fantasy worlds, ordinary people and magical powers.   It’s why I love to read magical realism texts and stories with a slightly skewed reality.   Many of my favourite TV shows and films, such as Misfits and Being Human, employ the same tropes.  Even The Doctor likes his fishfingers and custard! Shakespeare had it pegged it when he wrote that famous line in Hamlet:

‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’

So you can imagine how much I love things like parallel worlds in literature, and why I often end up writing them myself.  To be honest, most of my family think I inhabit one all the time anyway!  But I just can’t look at a situation without seeing something surreal in it.   Even if you ask me to write a being humanwork of realism, I guarantee that at least one of the characters will have some weird idiosyncracy.  Either that or they’ll develop a super-power while putting the recycling out.  Then again, I seem to get powers of invisibility when our recycling needs to go out…

And before I go,  a huge thanks to Arlee Bird, whose name begins with A and who also began the A-Z challenge.  Cheers, Arlee!

8 thoughts on “A is for Alternate Reality – It’s day one of the A-Z challenge!

  1. Great post, and one i most definitely concur on! I may go on about it a bit (and it’s not quite Alternative Reality) but you should def check The Everything Theory by Dianne Gray out. It doesn’t speculate on alternative realities, but interestingly, that actually the Ancient Civilisations were much more knowledgeable than we perceive. An interesting tag line for it is – We don’t make new discoveries in science and technology, we REdiscover them. I loved it!

    Hmmm – i wonder what B could be?

  2. Great start to the challenge! Fringe was one of my favorite shows and the thought that there could really be many alternate realities out there somewhere blows my mind! Science is awesome!

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